Igniting A Nation Interview

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on Igniting a Nation and talk with Messianic Rabbi Eric Walker on the topic of doubt and how people young and old can doubt well in our current cultural climate. The background where I’m recording in this video is white and bland (like me), but I assure you the topic of conversation will be helpful for you. To watch the full interview, click here, or on the image below.

Throwback: Why American Christians Should Care About Furious 7

I was interviewed yesterday for a podcast on the release of my new book, and during the interview, I mentioned an article I wrote several years ago about the ethnic diversity in the movie Furious 7.

Furious 7

After hunting for it for a while, I came to the conclusion that the article was lost in cyberspace, so I scoured my computer and found the original text document. Below is the original article from April 6, 2015 that I’m reposting here today. I love the Fast and Furious franchise for several reasons, but this article highlights an important one. Enjoy the throwback on this Thursday.

Free DoubtLess Sticker

DoubtLess Sticker

I’ve just sent out the first batch to everyone who asked for a free sticker, and now I’m ready for round 2!

Above is the image for a sticker that my publisher designed. They gave me a few hundred to give out to people, so if you’d like a free sticker for your water bottle, laptop, or favorite pair of skinny jeans, email me at shelby@shelbyabbott.com with your name and address and I’ll send you one for FREE!

No catch at all, just a free sticker. DoubtLess: Because Faith is Hard comes out in less than two weeks on August 17th!

What’s the Point?

Asking the Right Questions about Living Together and Marriage

Even though my next book will drop on August 17th, I actually have another book release coming from FamilyLife about one week later in August too.

What’s the Point? will be a small easy read for anyone asking questions about living together and marriage. It’s aimed at a college-aged audience, and will help answer the questions related to cohabitation/marriage raised by nominally Christian or non-believing students.

I had a lot of fun writing this book, and I love the way the design turned out for it. I’ll drop a few more details for it once the release date gets closer, but for now, I wanted to announce that it’ll be arriving on the heels of DoubtLess: Because Faith is Hard next month.

Important Questions Related to Racial Unity

Normally each summer, I’m leading a stateside mission with 35 college students and 15 Cru staff in Ocean City, Maryland. This year, COVID-19 changed all that, and one of the many reasons I’m grieved not to be in OCMD is missing out on our weekly “working dinner.”

Photo: Unsplash

A working dinner is a time each week to enjoy a meal together as an entire mission while discussing a specific topic related to Christianity, life, missions, etc. And my favorite subject matter each year has to be the conversation about racial unity.

The Grace of Authority

What we don’t seem to realize is that God’s boundary lines are an authoritative gift of his grace. In fact, the giving of the Law itself to the Israelites in the book of Exodus is a loving act of God’s favor extended to his people.

Photo: Unsplash

Now, authoritative law-giving and grace aren’t often closely associated with one another in the minds of many, because Mount Sinai generally correlates in our thoughts with thunder, lightning, thick clouds, fire, trembling, and rules. We see the giving of the Law as pretty scary, but all of the jarring noise and breathtaking visuals were more likely akin to a school teacher in front of an unruly room of students, calling for their attention and shouting, “Class! Class! Listen up! I’m going to speak now about something that’s extremely important.”

Grieving the Quarantine Life

A few weeks ago, part of me thought it was ridiculous that colleges across the nation were shutting down for the semester because of the oncoming COVID-19 virus. Now, of course, we realize universities should have done it much sooner, along with many other crowd-gathering institutions.

Photo: Unsplash

Nothing like a worldwide pandemic to show you how foolish and prideful you really are (me, not you).

As I sit at the beginning of another week, grieving the quarantine, it’s become quite clear none of us know what we’re doing. This is new for everyone. None of this is normal.