Culture today can create a lot of confusion in the heart of someone who is longing to walk with God. Modern society whispers and sometimes shouts at us to believe and live in a way that clearly contradicts what Scripture values. Since there is constant temptation to wander away from Christ in times of both joy and pain, we all need to be pointed in the right direction.

My desire is to be a guide—someone who can help you walk closely with God through the humor and hardship of life. No matter who you are or what you do, there will always be seasons of ups and downs. So through biblical sensitivity, cultural awareness, and a healthy sense of humor, I can help shepherd your heart toward the life-changing power of Jesus in the midst of a consistently evolving culture. My prayer is to help you walk with God in everything from practical stuff like dating, to processing the frustration and difficulties of life when things don’t seem to make sense.

When we see things correctly and live accordingly, life moves from being two-dimensional into glorious 3-D. As we walk with Jesus, our perspective aligns with His, and everything jumps off the page.

I’m a Philadelphia based author, podcast/radio host (Real Life Loading…), public speaker, and campus minister. My passion for ministry has led me to speak at churches and college campuses all over the United States. I’ve authored the books:

DoubtLess: Because Faith is Hard

What’s the Point?: Asking the Right Questions About Living Together and Marriage

Pressure Points: A Guide to Navigating Student Stress


I Am a Tool (To Help With Your Dating Life) 

These are resources for your heart. The opinions represented here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the organization I work for.

I have one wife (just one), and two daughters. Unlike me, they are all good-looking, intelligent, and fantastic dancers.

You can find me pretty easily on social media. Just search for @shelbyabbott