Coming 9.9.22—Real Life Loading…

Real Life Loading… will be a new weekly podcast from FamilyLife for 18-28 year olds, hosted by me. I’m thrilled that it’s finally going to be released!

It’ll be a 30 minute podcast coming out every Friday, but also released on the radio each weekend for parents and grandparents to listen in on what the kids are talking about these days.

There will be interviews, fun segments, practical advice, and gospel-saturated content on topics like:

Identity, theology, sexuality, mental health, dating, church, suffering, addiction, prayer, anxiety…and so much more.

And as we’re getting rolling, these will be my first round of guests:

Sam Allberry

Jen Wilkin

Paul David Tripp

Rachel Gilson

Rebecca McLaughlin

Jennie Allen

Alisa Childers

Garrett Kell

Justin Brierley

Dr. Michael Kruger

Tim Muehlhoff

Rechab Gray

Matt Smethurst

Dr. Heather Holleman

…and many more to come.

It’s also produced by FamilyLife, so we’re recording on professional equipment, we hired a professional artist to write the music for it, and it’s being mixed and mastered at the FamilyLife sound studios where they record the daily FamilyLife Today radio show.

I’m really excited about it, and prayerful that it will impact many lives in the coming years. My heart is to become a trusted friend who helps young people walk closely with Jesus in the context of their ever-shifting culture. I don’t want to claim to have all the answers, but sincerely admit that I’m just as much in process as anyone who’s listening.

In fact the tagline of the show is, “Somewhat anxious. Always authentic.,” and those 3 dots at the end of the title intentionally imply that I haven’t arrived.

Keep an eye out for it arriving on September 9th!

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