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It’s August 17, and today’s the day that DoubtLess: Because Faith is Hard is available everywhere. I received my author copies last week, and I love the red—it pops.


Big shout out to New Growth Press for publishing. I’m grateful they’ve trusted me enough to publish a second book.

Here are a few things some have been saying about it:

“It’s time that we bring doubt out of the closet of shame, and fear of man into the shining light of the wisdom of God’s Word and beautiful grace. This is exactly what  DoubtLess  does. Here is ancient truth communicated and applied in winsome and fresh new ways. Since doubt is a tool God regularly uses to strengthen our faith and draw us closer to him, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from  DoubtLess, which helps us to face our struggles of faith in the presence of our patient and loving Lord. This is a really needed and very good book.”
Paul David Tripp, Pastor; author; international conference speaker

“With over two decades of experience in meaningful relationships with the rising generation,  Shelby  Abbott guides you through an honest and healthy space to process doubt and questions, while seeking answers and authentic faith formation.”
David Robbins, President, FamilyLife

“When it comes to conveying gospel truth to young adults, Shelby Abbott is one of the most trustworthy and effective voices I know.”
Matt Smethurst, Managing Editor, The  Gospel Coalition; author of  Before You Open Your Bible: Nine Heart Postures for Approaching God’s Word

“Shelby Abbott has given the body of Christ a great gift by writing this book. He has given us a practical resource that encourages the doubting Christian to confront, lean in to, and walk through their doubts. In each chapter, he digs beneath the surface, helping to navigate the reasons why we doubt, while offering healthy ways to address the issues that lead to a faltering faith—ultimately encouraging the Christian to keep their eyes fixed on the author and perfecter of our faith, Jesus Christ. Wildly encouraging!”
Alisa Childers, Speaker; author of  Another Gospel: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity

“Shelby Abbott brings years of ministry experience and wisdom to this book and provides a path forward when we experience doubt in our walk with Jesus. We learn to feed our faith, focus on the foundations of God’s Word and the resurrection of Christ, and move from cynicism to trust. This exceptional and beautifully written book invites us to work through—not wallow in—our questions and doubts in a mature and productive way.”
Heather Holleman, Speaker; author of  Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison  and  Sent: Living a Life that Invites Others to Jesus

“How should we respond  to those in our day who celebrate skepticism and suggest that having doubts about your faith is somehow a virtue or a hallmark of genuine spiritual enlightenment? We should respond as my friend Shelby Abbott has done masterfully in this important book.  This will be a needed lifeline for so many.”
Bob Lepine, Cohost, FamilyLife Today radio

“If you think about it, doubt has a significant social dimension—a badge of authenticity to brag or post about, an isolating struggle to keep hidden from others, a stigmatizing mark of spiritual weakness or immaturity, or an affirmation of personal courage and individualism. DoubtLess is, to my knowledge, the only book on the subject that speaks to this social dimension, and what is unique about doubt in a digital age. I could not recommend the book more highly, nor Shelby Abbott as the person to engage the subject—he’s safe, affirming, humble, empathetic, honest, and above all, biblical in his counsel.”
Rick James, Publisher, Cru Press

“Shelby Abbott has taken something with the power to thwart the growth of Christians and tamed it into submission. His honest and sympathetic words on the subject of doubt reveal a depth of understanding that can only come through experience. Abbott shows us that it’s easier to overcome doubt when it’s not viewed as a powerful monster, and in  DoubtLess  he slays the dragon; not through apologetics so much as through the love and mercy of God.”
Katherine James, Author of  Can You See Anything Now?  and  A Prayer for Orion

“Doubt is not a word we want to be associated with our faith. Doubting God can feel shameful and even sinful.  DoubtLess  does the important work of meeting us in our questions and teaching us how to honestly bring them to God and fellow Christians. In the process, we learn that humbly wrestling with our questions is essential to developing a mature, discerning, and persevering faith. In these pages, Shelby provides the gentle shepherding we need to lean upon God, even when we’re tempted to doubt him.”
Garrett Kell, Pastor, Del Ray Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA

I hope and pray that this book will help you or someone you know who is wrestling with doubt. You can order your copy here: DoubtLess.

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