The Dating Project

The company I work for (Cru) is partnering with a documentary called The Dating Project. I had a chance to see the film via a preview screening, and I can personally tell you the movie is good. Like, for real good.
It’s not a Christian film, even though it’s funded by Christians, and the subjects it addresses are ones that make it incredibly easy to transition into spiritual conversations after you’ve seen it with someone.
In fact, I’m writing a short e-book to act as a discussion guide and small group study that will bridge the gap quite nicely between the film and the dating book I wrote. The producers of the documentary, and Fathom Events themselves even approved a 45 second commercial that will be attached to the beginning of the movie that will advertise for the e-book. It’s kind of weird, but I’ll be on the big screen in 700 theaters nationwide.

What I’d love for you to do is spread the word, and go see the movie on the one night event release date, April 17th. It will act as an icebreaker for subjects like porn, the hookup culture, dating in college, dating apps, and a ton of other topics. My hope is that the movie can be utilized as an evangelism tool by anyone who goes to see it with their friend(s), opening up ways of engaging in gospel conversations via the subject of dating and relationships.
I’m praying for the Lord to work in this, and I’d love for you to be a part of it by making the movie well known, going to see it, and sharing your faith afterward. Once again, here are the details:
Movie: The Dating Project
See the Trailer Here: Trailer
Release Date: One night only, April 17 (put it in your calendar), probably at 7:00pm
Distributed By: Fathom Events, Get Tickets HERE.
Where: Any Regal Cinemas (or anywhere Fathom Events can be seen)
Download my free e-book after the film at: (site will be up on Tuesday, April 10th)

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