Others-Centered Communication

Methods are many, principles are few. Methods can change, but principles never do. –Warren Wiersbe

Honestly, some people make Christianity and the message of the gospel look about as attractive as an airport smoking lounge. Wait, do those things still exist?

Anyway, the methods by which we communicate the greatest message ever known to humankind are extremely important because those methods are capable of breaking down pre-existing walls that might prevent others from understanding the purity of the gospel. However, those methods are also capable of creating additional barriers that obstruct a clear pathway to comprehending the truth. So the “how” is an incredibly significant variable when we choose to proactively be in the world but not of it.

It’s essentially Communication 101: walk the walk and present the message with clarity, so it will be received in the way that was intended by the original source. In short, live the Christian life with integrity and communicate the gospel truth with relevance, using whatever approach helps people best understand it. In order to make this happen, we must be “others-centered.”

Of course, not all people absorb information in the same way, so it’s vital we learn how to communicate the same message in a variety of ways in order to reach as many as possible for the glory of God. The methods may change on how to communicate the message, but always remember that the gospel is an everlasting constant.

It must always be the horizon line we keep our eye on when the conditions are constantly changing around us.

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