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If there’s anything the term “social distancing” has taught us, it’s that most people don’t like social distancing. Humans are hardwired to live in deep need of community, despite what all the introvert memes might joke about.

Photo: Unsplash, Helena Lopes

The Christian life is always meant to be experienced in the context of community and association with fellow believers. There is a great deal of relational health in godly community, and I’ve seen its benefits up close. People grow when they’re rubbing shoulders with like-minded followers of Christ who share their resources, keep one another accountable for godly living, put their phones down, and talk with each other. 

Students constantly tell me how incredible it is when they are in an environment of Christian community and intentionally group-focused on walking with God alongside one another. But when they peel off from the community and isolate themselves, they are much more tempted to slide back into sinful habits and ungodly choices. The Enemy loves to attack when believers are at their most susceptible (see 1 Peter 5:8), and susceptibility often goes hand-in-hand with isolation.

When we neglect solid, healthy connections with other believers, we’re throwing ourselves into solitary confinement—we’re punishing ourselves. Making an investment in our walk with God for the long haul means wrapping ourselves in the kind of Christian community that continually raises the bar and challenges us to make godly decisions. We must never settle for “business as usual” if we want to see spiritual growth, and the company of God’s people is the best way to enjoy new heights in knowing the good authority of our Savior.

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