I’m so pleased to announce that on April 22, 2019, my fourth book Pressure Points will be available to purchase from New Growth Press.

This book has been 2.5 years in the making, and I’m thrilled to see my first book getting published outside of Cru (who, by the way, I still love dearly).

I’ve written it specifically to college students or soon-to-be college students, and I really feel it will help you walk with God during your years of higher education. My friend, Paul Tripp, wrote the foreword and he (of course) nailed it like the boss he is.

Please consider this book for yourself if you’re a college student, or get it for a friend, child, grandchild, or neighbor who needs some practical and honest guidance while in their late teens to early twenties. It will point to the gospel of grace, and make you laugh too.

You can Pre-Order on Amazon here, or read a more full description from my publisher’s site here.

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